• All-in-One Platform

    We are a 5-in-1 Solution platform. Peth Yoeung have a build-in of 5 management solutions into one system: Electronic Medical Record Management, Invoicing and Accounting Management, Inventory and Pharmacy Management, HR Solution Management, and Insurance and Packaging Management.

  • Security Guarantee

    Data security is our top priority. For product development, we carefully select and choose the latest technologies used by Open Source Community, whose framework and security is designed, used and maintained by big tech community. We use trusted cloud service providers which have engineers who build infrastructure and do maintenance on the server with the highest security in place. All data is securely encrypted and automatically backup to multiple server’s locations: on cloud servers and local servers.

  • User's Freedom

    Rather than controlling, we want our user to experience freedom in using our system. Hospital/clinic operators have the freedom to expand their business operation as big as they need. They can create more buildings, wards, services, invoicing and stock control management on their own capacity.

  • Cloud-based Operation

    No need to worry about big capital investment. Peth Yoeung can operate on cloud with the lowest cost and it does not need an allocate budget to cover the replaced aging infrastructure equipment. Authorized users can easily access to patients’ medical and billing data with cloud-based platform rather than those that stored locally, because it enables interoperability and collaboration among clinicians in different locations. Moreover, the loss of medical records and hospital data in an account of outage or cyber-attack is no longer a problem because all data is remotely backup and can be re-deployed in less than 24 hours when needed. How big is your data? You do not need to worry about that. Peth Yoeung can enlarge storage capacity as big as your data’s. Peth Yoeung enable hospital and/or clinic operators to store data and analyse it as inputs for business development, for medical research and for precision medicine. Hospital/clinic operators can revisit all data anytime, anywhere.


  • Management Report

  • Labo Report

  • Expire Report

  • Re-Order Report

  • Purchase detail Report

  • Quote detail Report

  • Increase detail report

  • Sale return detail Report

  • Sale detail Report

  • Usage request detail Report

  • MedicalRecord

  • Stock detail Report

  • Management Report

  • Lost and broke detail Report

  • Commission Report

  • Queue Deletion Report

  • Daily Revenue Report

  • Daily Revenue Unpaid Report

  • Stock transfer detail

  • Patient For insurance


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  • All-in-one Platform

    Peth Yoeung helps hospitals/clinics operators to operate hospital/clinics paperless from patient's medical records to the whole process of treatment and hospital operation by storing those information in one place and getting them in just one click.

  • Data Analytics

    With Peth Yoeung, hospital and clinic operators can get multiple data sets. They are great inputs and feedback to build stronger business road-map, to better position healthcare business and to keep its competitiveness ahead.

  • New Feature Add-on

    Peth Yoeung offers a lot of flexibility and choices. New feature add-on can be done in less than 24 hours with the lowest add-on fee. You can start with the STARTER Plan and then switch to COOPERATE Plan.

  • Convenience

    Medical doctors, nurses and health related professionals will experience a new way of operating their hospitals. By using Peth Yoeung, all hospital operation no longer needs paper and costly physical server setup. A cloud-based operating system and a browser click, the system can be used on devices such as desktop, laptops and tablets

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