Our Featured Products

PETHYOEUNG for Providers

A could-based hospital operating platform utilized to advance and digitize the entire healthcare operating ecosystem through our tech innovation. Our innovation solution is invented to solve pain points of the entire and every level of healthcare provider operation without disruption, and to ultimately empower, ease and brighten up healthcare providers, entrepreneurs with a smile on their faces every day in their daily work.

PETHYOEUNG Pharmacists

A cloud-based pharmacy management platform innovated to advance and digitize pharmacy operation and to interconnect HCPs, pharmacists and consumers seamlessly.


A cloud-based lab management platform built to modernize lab operation and optimize laboratory work productivity, efficiency and accuracy and to interact lab technicians, HCPs and consumers.


A cloud-based dentistry operating platform utilized to advance and digitize dentistry ecosystem through our tech innovation. Our innovative tech solution addresses the challenges encountered in dentists’ daily work and puts a smile on their faces through an advanced technological platform to empower their dentistry operation and put dentists at ease.


Pethyoeung e-Health ID App is an mHealth application furnished for patients to connect with healthcare providers, store their health information and receive other healthcare benefits within a mobile app. With Pethyoeung e-Health ID, we offer patients e-health data card and patients can access a whole digital healthcare ecosystem of Pethyoeung and manage personal medical data within the palm of their hands.


With Pethyoeung BMS, we provide you the best alternative means to help your employees, community and family members to access healthcare services from our TRUSTED medical provider network anywhere, anytime with support from our well-trained healthcare agents or at your own administration with great benefits and financial optimization.