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Recognition & Awards


Asian Entrepreneurship Awards 2021

Pethyoeung Healthtech Co,. Ltd. was crowned the Audience Award in AEA 2021. On October 27, Mr. Bin Socheat; Business Operations Officer of Pethyoeung by First Womentech Asia Co., Ltd. represented Pethyoeung Healthtech Co,. Ltd. in the Final Round or Top Six Round of ASIAN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARD 2021 (AEA 2021) in Japan to compete with the five other companies from Asia and honorably received the Audience Award. AEA in 2021 was based on «Kashiwa-no-ha Smart City» which provided sustainable opportunities for companies working on three themes – Environmental Symbolic, Health and Longevity and Creation of New Industries – to take part in this competition and establish collaboration with Japanese corporations.