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  • Mar 30 , 2022

    Press Release Celebrating the Successful Completion of the “Leveraging Technology to Upgrade Cambodian Healthcare” Project and Peth Yoeung’s Smart Green Hospital Network

    Peth Yoeung by First Womentech Asia Co. Ltd., in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy Phnom Penh and the Ministry of Health of Cambodia, organized a special event on March 29, 2022: «Project Outcome Appreciation and Dissemination Workshop “Leveraging Technology to Upgrade Cambodian Healthcare”». The project was made possible by a grant from the U.S. Department of State in support of the U.S.-ASEAN Smart Cities Partnership.  Cambodia’s three Smart Cities are Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Battambang.

    The project entitled, Leveraging Technology to Upgrade Cambodian Healthcare” was designed and fully implemented by Peth Yoeung as means to jumpstart the creation of a «Smart Green Hospital Network» in Cambodia.  For the project, 20 hospitals and clinics in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Battambang chose to both “go digital” and “go green” by switching from traditional paper-based clinic operations to the digital hospital management system created by Peth Yoeung.  By leveraging technology in their healthcare facilities, the participants support the development of Cambodia’s Smart Cities, advance the use of technology in healthcare, and reduce the overall environmental impact of the healthcare system. 

    The Smart Green Hospital Network project was launched in October 2020 and will be concluded at the end of March 2022. During the course of the 18-month project, 867 health professionals were registered and trained to use Peth Yoeung’s digital platform, while 108,750 medical records were digitalized. Most importantly, these medical records belong to mostly female patients. 

    Through the digitalization of Peth Yoeung’s cloud-based hospital management system, the growing Smart Green Hospital Network is bound to contribute a cleaner and more sustainable environment in Cambodia.  The Peth Yoeung system facilitates modern and efficient healthcare service delivery to participating hospital clinics, supporting better quality healthcare and patient outcomes, especially for women and children.

    The workshop was held at Himawari Hotel, Phnom Penh; with the honorable presence of H.E. Or Vandine; Secretary of State and Spokesperson of Ministry of Health, H.E. W. Patrick Murphy; U.S. Ambassador to Cambodia, Mrs. Pong Limsan; Founder and CEO of Peth Yoeung by First Womentech Asia, representatives of the Smart Green Hospital Network members and many other guests.

    Mrs. Pong Limsan; Founder and CEO of Peth Yoeung by First Wometech Asia Co. Ltd., asserted that the Smart Green Hospital Network project aims to enhance healthcare quality through the digitalization of the hospital operation including OPD and IPD flow and other operation inside the hospital.

    She went on to say that we have a strong desire to make a positive environmental impact by shifting traditional paper-based operation and document printing into digital processes. With this project, we significantly help facilitate patients who are women and children.

    Thus, the US Ambassador to Cambodia; H.E. W. Patrick Murphy, also expressed his celebration for the 20 participating hospital / clinic members of the Smart Green Hospital Network project who have all successfully fulfilled the target of providing advanced and high quality healthcare service to their customers likewise contribute to environmental pollution and climate change.

    Mr. Ambassador added that the original target of the project is to digitalize 35,000 patients’ medical records, yet we have seen an amazing number of over 100,000 medical records digitalized by the project conclusion. Therefore, given the massive impact it has shown on the health sector, the project initiation aimed not only at the healthcare system advancement, but we also had various other goals including our smart green city, digital economy, women empowerment and climate change.

    Meanwhile, H.E. Or Vandine; Secretary of State and Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health, indicated her impression on the workshop that the Leveraging Technology to Upgrade Cambodian Healthcare” project specifically focuses on modernization and digitalization of Cambodian healthcare and also initiates a path forward for positive participating impact on national health policy development which has been paying great attention on digitally modernizing and transforming public and private hospitals.

    H.E. Or Vandine also emphasized that the project entitled, “Leveraging Technology to Upgrade Cambodian Healthcare in Private Sector” and Smart Green Hospital Network, implemented by Peth Yoeung through the federal fund of the US Department of State through the US Embassy to Cambodia, plays a huge role in making positive impact on the healthcare consultation and treatment service digitally to Cambodian citizens which is also a contribution to advance Cambodian health sector. The project brings together 20 private hospitals / clinics in Phnom Penh, Battambang and Siem Reap to begin digital operation and healthcare service delivery digitally. More than that, they represent a big part in our collective effort to maintain responsibility as healthcare providers and to sustain green and clean environment.

    Her excellency continued that using digital innovation to upgrade healthcare quality is also an important element that was included, considered and recommended in the national healthcare policy of the Ministry of Health of Cambodia. The ministry is also supporting and calling for more interconnectedness and cooperation from all participating public and private sectors and organizations who are part of this campaign.

    About Peth Yoeung by First Womentech Asia

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     Peth Yoeung, by First Womentech Asia, is the first cloud-based hospital operating platform in Cambodia that was innovated and developed to digitally advance and modernize Cambodian healthcare system as well as ASEAN healthcare ecosystem through the digital progression of securing medical records and patients’ medical history; likewise, enhance and smoothen the operation and management of Peth Yoeung’s clients. Peth Yoeung is also connected and parent to a teleconsulting and expansive and leading app e-Health MyCLNQ app which enables and operates teleconsultation, medical appointment and healthcare services on mobile device facilitating patients in booking appointment and receiving healthcare services from their doctors digitally anytime and anywhere. Contemporarily, having gained great support in leveraging Cambodian healthcare, Peth Yoeung will continue to build trust and further improvement for the sector; especially with the support from the Ministry of Health of Cambodia.

     Peth Yoeung has been awarded with numerous national achievements as an impactful Cambodian healthtech startup representing Cambodia multiple times in the international stage including major ones in the 2021 SelectUSA Summit, in Seoul 2020, in Geneva Switzerland 2019, in Tokyo Japan 2019, and a special award from the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications in 2019.

     Peth Yoeung is now being operated and digitally facilitating various public and private hospitals accounting for around 200 hospitals across 25 cities/provinces and Phnom Penh. Given the benefits of Peth Yoeung being utilized to introduce a digital experience of hospital management, operation and service delivery, a total number of 10K users consisting of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab technicians, medical specialists and medical staff have registered for our digital platform. Peth Yoeung has also helped around 2 million Cambodian citizens and patients in owning digital medical records for convenient and efficient medical record management and healthcare service treatment anytime anywhere.

    For more detail, contact Mr. Bin Socheat; Business Operations Advisor of Peth Yoeung by First Womentech Asia.

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