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  • Dec 09 , 2021

    Wing Bank and First Womentech Asia Join Force to Support the Health Service in Cambodia

    Now the users of “e-Health MyCLNQ” by First Womentech Asia can use Wing’s Digital Payment Service to record and settle their financial transactionS with their customers.

    Phnom Penh, 09 December 2021—First Womentech Asia Co., Ltd and Wing Bank (Cambodia) Plc officially launch the partnership to support health service providers in Cambodia using “e-Health MyCLNQ” allowing them to access convenient digital financial services for their daily transactions with their patients.

    Through the partnership, nearly 200 private and public hospitals and clinics using Peth Yoeung and e-Health MyCLNQ by First Womentech Asia across Cambodia will be able to access the digital payment system of Wing to settle and record their daily transactions in a convenient, instant, and safe manner.

    “Patients will no longer need to worry about carrying physical cash with them when seeking medical treatment during their moment of emergency. All they need is a Wing Account on their smartphone,” said Han Peng Kwang, CEO of Wing Bank. “They can settle medical bills with just a few swipes on their smartphone and scan the QR code at the payment terminals.”

    QR Pay is not only a global trend now for a secure and convenient experience, but it also can help to prevent patients from handling physical cash that may be contaminated with germs and viruses, especially during this era of Covid-19.

    e-Health MyCLNQ is a brand new digital healthcare ecosystem established through a partnership venture between Peth Yoeung; a cloud based hospital management platform created by First Womentech Asia and the Singaporean healthtech company Ssivix Lab. The software facilitates hospitals, service providers, and Cambodian patients in receiving and providing health consultations and treatment digitally via a mobile device in a low-cost and secure fashion. The patients can contact doctors and schedule health consultations and health treatment across Cambodia, Singapore and India.

    Mr. Socheat Bin, Co-Founder of First Womentech Asia and Country Manager of e-Health MyCLNQ, said that, “for a year now we have been committedly and endlessly working through many obstacles with our partnered Wing Bank (Cambodia) Plc and the Singaporean healthtech company Ssivix Lab Pte., Ltd to establish e-Health MyCLNQ, an internationally extensive ecosystem for health consultation, treatment as well as payment services operated on a mobile device.”

    “We believe our system will make a significant impact in facilitating and advancing the healthcare sector and well as people’s health and wellbeing,” said Mrs. Limsan Pong; Founder and CEO of First Womentech Asia. “This collaboration is to address the needs and challenges that healthcare providers and patients have encountered during the COVID-19 pandemic by creating a digital pathway to communicate with one another and find hospitals or healthcare professionals for healthcare services and treatment.”

    Wing Bank has partnered with almost all the leading banks and micro finance institutions in Cambodia. Users can download the Wing Money App and check if their favourite bank or micro finance institution is already connected to Wing. They can transfer money from their bank account to the Wing Wallet with just a few clicks and then carry out their digital transactions right away.

    “Life Sciences industry is facing transformational changes. Healthcare is switching to preventive medicine and an outcome-based economic model,” said Anwar Rafique, CEO of Ssivix Lab. “When patients have access regularly to their own health information, the hope is that patients will be empowered to take care of themselves as they'll understand wellbeing and be more engaged in self-care decisions.”

    Both First Womentech Asia and Wing Bank are combining their own specialties in the digital and technology space to support and allow patients to access the highest quality healthcare services. First Womentech Asia successfully launched Peth Yeung to support the healthcare ecosystem, rolling out their software in nearly 200 public and private hospitals and clinics, securing their medical records, patient data and streamlining the hospital operating processes. Wing Bank has been widely known for its omnipresence across Cambodia, with over 10,000 Wing Cash Xpress agents and the multi-functional Wing Money App.

    About Wing Bank (Cambodia) Plc:

    Wing Bank (Cambodia) Plc – the bank for every Cambodian – is driven by the vision to provide every Cambodian with convenient access to financial services relevant to, and for the improvement of, their daily lives.

    Wing Bank has revolutionized the way Cambodians access financial services by introducing instant, secure, and convenient Mobile Financial Services since 18 August 2008.

    Today, Wing Bank serves the entire Cambodian population with 100% coverage of the districts in Cambodia thanks to the innovative Wing Money App, more than 10,000 Wing Cash Xpress agents, over 55,000 merchants, and partnerships with industry giants such as Mastercard, MoneyGram, AliPay, WeChat Pay, Western Union, Visa, and Ria.

    Wing Bank provides an array of advanced financial products both for individual and corporate customers. These include loans, deposits, micro savings, credit referral services, money transfers, utility and insurance payments, supply chain payments, payroll services and even phone top-ups. In addition, Wing offers retail payments via “WingPay”, and also has introduced the “WingMall” e-commerce platform.

    Both small and large companies alike are now using Wing’s payroll and disbursement services, speeding up payments. Over 80% of Wing’s agents and 50% of customers are women, making Wing a shining example of gender inclusion in the region.

    Wing Bank is committed to providing financial, gender and digital inclusion to the unbanked and the under-banked, allowing every Cambodian to enjoy convenience and security when it comes to financial services.

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    About Peth Yoeung by First Womentech Asia Co,. Ltd.:

    For further information:

     Peth Yoeung by First Womentech Asia is the first cloud-based hospital management platform in Cambodia designed to digitally advance healthcare system in Cambodia and the ASEAN community through the digital storage of medical data, patients’ medical history and facilitated operation for panel hospitals and clinics.

     Peth Yoeung plays a chief part in launching e-Health MyCLNQ App; the largest and leading healthcare ecosystem operated on a mobile device, to deliver advanced experience in teleconsult, receiving and delivering healthcare services any time anywhere at the most anticipated convenience. Peth Yoeung has established a significant impact in digitalizing Cambodian healthcare with an immense support from Cambodian healthcare practitioners and the Ministry of Health of Cambodia. Peth Yoeung has gained cosmic success as a Cambodian healthtech startup and we have been the predominant startup to represent Cambodia in the international stage including international forums in USA 2021, in Seoul 2021, in Geneva 2019, in Japan and a remarkable award from the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications in 2019.

     Our system is fully employed to facilitate around 200 panel public and private hospitals and clinics across the territorial range of 15 provinces and cities and Phnom Penh. We have over 10,000 users including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab technicians, health professionals and hospital operational staff. With Peth Yoeung, approximately 2 million Cambodian people are now able to store their medical data and medical history on a digital platform facilitating healthcare service access pathway directly or online at any place any time in an advanced and easy manner.

    About MyCLNQ by Ssivix Lab:

    For further information:

     Ssivix Lab is a social healthtech startup, whose headquarter resides in Singapore, established focally to enable and digitally enhance technology and communication in healthcare “TEC”. Ssivix Lab is contemporarily providing a smart healthcare ecosystem “MyCLNQ” featuring healthcare services and treatment on a mobile device to ease customers in Singapore and India. MyCLNQ is the only one-stop healthcare ecosystem and solution for personal and family healthcare needs, services and treatment. Our AI-enabled mobile app aims to entitle healthcare providers and consumers to an advanced telemedicine, mHealth and eHealth Services. Our belief is that all patients are empowered to affordable and non-ageist healthcare service access. Ssivix Lab liberalizes and digitalizes patients’ healthcare decisions that significantly help them to reduce unnecessary expenditures. Recently, Ssivix Lab was crowned “MedTech Solutions Provider Singapore” Award; an award for GHP private healthtech startup in 2021.


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