About Us

Our dynamic team specializes in healthcare and technology, ready to provide ultimate services to our partnered hospitals and clinics. Say goodbye to tiresome paperwork. As long as you have the internet and Peth Yoeung, all internal information is in your hand.

  • Our Vision

    To empower everyone across the planet through accessing the best possible quality healthcare services at the most affordable price and managing their personalized health data in the highly secured and independent platforms of our innovative healthcare ecosystem.

  • Our Mission

    To build the largest healthcare ecosystem so that everyone can take advantage of it daily in order to live healthier by using our priceless digital innovation and technology tools. We do this by creating innovative tools to get the service providers, patients, insurers and innovators well-connected, and supporting them to create the most affordable and the best possible quality healthcare they've ever experienced.

  • 140 + CLIENTS
  • 5 + PRODUCTS
  • 28 + TEAM

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We have a dynamic team that has people coming from different backgrounds. Our team are professional individuals who have experience working for well-known organizations and institutions in Cambodia and beyond. Let’s meet our team.